Sol Kendamas

"Amazing Kendamas for great players!”

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Sol 1UP Ken Only - Frêne

Ash wood 1UP Shape
29.00 CHF

Sol 1UP Ken Only - Cerisier

Ken en cerisier 1UP Shape
26.93 CHF

Brown/Grey PLY - Zero1Up Shape by O!Captain x Sol

Birch - ply wood hand crafted
69.00 CHF

Kelvin Wong Pro Mod - 1UP Shape

Kelvin Wong is a very high tech player, he's got popular with making the Cushion tap 180, called now the Wong tap.
59.00 CHF

Motty Pro Mod - 1UP Shape

Motty is one of the best players in the world. You gotta follow him on Instagram to see how wild and unique he his. He definitly deserve a spot on the Sol pro team.
59.00 CHF

Spooky Mod - Alex Pro Model - 2UP Shape

Sol is super excited to introduce Alex Mitchell's second ever pro model, the Spooky Mod.
59.00 CHF