Rösti Kendama Cup 2

Rosti Kendama Cup

The Rösti Kendama Cup is the 3rd kendama contest organized by us.

This year we used the "elementary flower", a huge sculpture made of woven wood, in the shape of an arena with "petal" pieces. A totally idyllic place for this kind of events.

Rosti Kendama Cup Martigny

Thanks to the excitement of the first edition, the word of mouth and the meetings in the different events, the second edition of the Rosti Cup was memorable. A panel of very very talented players, our friends from Kendama France came from Lyon, some players from Paris and even from Montpellier.

Many other players came from Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Zurich... ! A record participation for about 60 people present.

I am lucky enough to know the Tribal Cabane team who had possession of the Rizerie du Simplon. An old rice mill which offers a magnificent setting, a woven branch flower in progress, allowed us to make a real arena for the contest.

We also had the support of many sponsors who treat the participants.


3rd: (I lost your first name, dm me.)
2nd : Lukas @dothespike
1st: Faustine @fauts.kendama

3rd: Yoann @kendazgeg
2nd: Albert @kendalbert
1st: Diego @yo_kai_dama

Advanced :
3rd: Timothée Berthelot @timothee_berthelot
2nd: Oscar Ealand @oscar_ealand
1st: Joris Blasi @joris_blasi

Some pictures as well as some stories saved by players present at the event. 

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