Rosti Kendama Cup 22

What is the Rösti Kendama Festival ?

The Rosti Kendama Cup 22 is the 3rd edition of a highly anticipated event in the Kendama community in Switzerland as well as in the neighbouring France, we organise a competition with representatives from Kendama France and players from all over Switzerland.



  1. Riccardo
  2. Kevin @kevin.vssz
  3. Killan @kilian_bclz


  1. Eros @errk_noiche_12_kd
  2. Cyrill @lliryc_99
  3. Diego @el_kendamacito

Advanced open

  1. Leo @leomudryy
  2. Loan @oyeaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. Tim @timothee_berthelot


  1. Tim @timothee_berthelot
  2. Léo @leomudryy
  3. Cyril @cylle_lchr


Find the photo album of this edition here

Do we need to register ?

Registration can be done here or during the event

(registration closes at 1pm Saturday)

Follow our dedicated instagram for the latest news

Sleeping at Martigny

We provide a cheap solution, more infomations here.  

Food & Drinks at the festival

food or drinks are not allowed inside the festival.

We have free water and got you covered with cheap food and drinks

Our crew of superheroes got you hooked up with the food saturday with some fresh sandwiches, rösti, raclettes and a delicious veggie soup.

Our saturday evening menu :

  • Rösti nature - 8 CHF
  • Rösti raclette - 10 CHF
  • Rösti royal - 12 CHF
  • Raclette - 3 CHF
  • Veggie soup - 5 CHF


  • Draft beer - 4 CHF
  • Pint - 6 CHF 
  • Chai - 3 CHF
  • Homemade icetea - 2 CHF
  • Baguette sandwich - 5 CHF
  • Wide variety of cocktails



Check out the tricklist videos on YouTube

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