Spooky Mod - Alex Pro Model - 2UP Shape

Manufacturer: Sol Kendamas
Sol is super excited to introduce Alex Mitchell's second ever pro model, the Spooky Mod.
59.00 CHF
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We are so excited to introduce Alex Mitchell's second ever pro model, the Spooky Mod. Alex's favorite holiday is Halloween, and spooky season is his favorite time of year, so he wanted his pro model to represent that. The tama design features a few of his favorite iconic spooky movies/shows/games. The ken has a laser engraved spider web that starts around the top of the spike and goes all the way down the handle.

The Spooky Mod has a maple 2UP ken, 62mm halfsplit beech/light maple tama, OG sticky paint, all-star bevel, and comes strung on a 10+ finger length string.

Included in purchase:

  • Alex Mitchell Pro Model
  • Spooky Pro Mod Cloth Drawstring Bag
  • Extra Black String and Bearing Bead
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