KUSA x Takana Kendama Collab - Inca Gods

Manufacturer: Kendama USA
Nova shape full Maple setup
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We've teamed up with our friends in Ecuador's Kendama Community (@takana.kendama) to bring you this Incan-themed Kendama. The Ecuadorian Kendama scene has been actively growing and we couldn’t be more proud to collab with them!

This Kendama is covered with symbolic and artistic features. Ecuador is in the middle of the world, a magical, mystical place, full of Incan legends, gods, and belief in the duality of the cosmos. To celebrate this, a special engraving of the latitude line 0° 0' 0" has been added from the slip stop to the top of the spike. A moon and a solar clock symbol have been engraved into the small & big cups respectively. The moon represents Killa; the goddess of the moon and the sun represents Inti; the god of the sun. 

Two tracking lines are added to the rim of the big cup and "593", the international country code for Ecuador can be found on the bottom of the small cup. The tama has been coated with our super stick paint and ornamental Incan patterns with a golden tumi at the top. Grab this limited edition collab while you can.

Special thanks to Andy and the entire Takana Kendama crew.


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