Terra Kendama

Terra is an OG brand based in Vancouver, Canada. Originated in 2012 and founded by Alex Smith and Rod Dama, they've been supporting the game since then.

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Red Elm - NEMUS Shape by Missu

Missu's Nemus shape
25.00 CHF

Terra Midsize Pill - Flora - Coral

The Pill is simple in design, with endless possibilities for tricks. Players around the world continue to discover and invent new tricks with it. If you enjoy satisfying spikes, endless spacewalk lines, tricky balances, and creative tricks, then perhaps The Terra Pill is just what you've been craving. Made from beechwood and coated with super stick paint.
34.00 CHF

Terra Midsize Pill - Green

Beechwood Pill skilltoy by Terra
34.00 CHF