Cereal Kendama

Global Kendama Brand from Singapore (est 2015) // Passion project of @jonnyyramone and @wceriously

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Ash Blue Spectra Splice - Hybrid-2 Shape

Ascent shape from Cereal Kendama Ash wit blue spectraply
34.00 CHF

Cereal Hybrid-2 Ken Only - Maple

hybrid-2 shape Maple wood
35.00 CHF

Cherry Splice - Ascent 2 Shape

Ascent 2 shape from Cereal Kendama CHERRY - ASH - PURPLE SPECTRA PLY
34.00 CHF

Maple, Rosewood & Zebrano - Hybrid-2 Shape

Hybrid-2 shape from Cereal Kendama Maple, Rosewood, Zebrano
34.00 CHF

Spidey Mod - Elevate Shape

Elevate shape Maple wood
49.00 CHF