About us

Swiss kendama started in December 2020, out of a need to find kendamas without having to pay customs fees all the time. At this time, they were no places to buy kendamas from. Only a few skate shops were selling them at a higher price.

I (Corentin, @cocalkd on Instagram) and Luan (@brezzo_dama) had this idea of developing kendama in Switzerland, by first doing competitions and building a community of players locally.

This idea came to life after we went to our first competition in Lyon (France). We met the guys from Kendama France that been in the game for a few years already. This was a big inspiration for us, they had a team, a kendama brand (Nativ), and a shop already in place for a couple of years.

At this time they were no such things in Switzerland, there sure was an opportunity to start something.

Even before opening the shop, I organized a replica of the Baguette Kendama Cup in Martigny, called the Rosti Kendama Cup. This was such a success that we decided to keep on going!