Motty Pro Mod - 1UP Shape

Hersteller: Sol Kendamas
Motty is one of the best players in the world. You gotta follow him on Instagram to see how wild and unique he his. He definitly deserve a spot on the Sol pro team.
59.00 CHF
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Motty's first ever pro model with Sol Kendamas. The Motty Mod is themed after his favorite activity outside of kendama, cycling. The tama features a halfsplit fade design with a white stripe in the middle for tracking, a bike crank on the top, tire tread stripe made with repeated M's around the tama just below the center line, a subtle navy stripe just above the center line, and a gear pattern printed around the bevel as well. The back side of the sarado has a small red triangle that says "とまれ" or "tomare" which means stop in Japanese. You can see these stop signs all around Japan, and the placement is intended to been seen perfectly during Motty's signature trick "Pan Stilt". The "M" front handle logo is four links of a bike chain that represents Motty's name. The back is a printed Sol logo fade to match the pattern of the tama. Motty loved the print on the back of Kelvin Wong's mod, and wanted to recreate this concept on his mod as well.

The Motty Mod has a maple 1UP ken, 62mm halfsplit beech/light maple tama, sticky paint, all-star bevel, and comes strung on a 10 finger length string.

Included in purchase:

  • Motty Pro Model
  • Motty Pro Mod Box
  • Motty Mod Sticker Sheets
  • Extra Navy Blue String and Bearing Bead
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