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The easy cup kendama Made for beginners or collectors Funky shape with huge cups Perfect to first timers
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Welcome to Kendama young Grasshopper! This special Kendama is designed with one goal in mind: to help make learning the cup catches fun and easy for young first-time players. It's often used in schools and clubs with younger students to help introduce the game. When a new player can have more success faster with the fundamental cup catches, they're more likely to stick with it and improve their coordination, while building the confidence to graduate up to a standard competition size Kendama in the future.

The height is significantly smaller than a standard Kendama, barely 6 inches, making it the perfect size to fit into smaller hands. The Grasshopper features very deep and large cups paired with a small tama size, which helps the cup catches lock in securely. Note that this Kendama is not built to do any additional or advanced tricks, and is not built for experienced players. It's simply built to be great at cup catches and cup flow.  

Grasshopper Kendamas are made of beech wood and built like a tank. The spike and cups are permanently assembled together by a metal reinforcement for added strength, and to simplify the re-stringing process. It's available as an all natural option, or with a red ball. Each one includes its own customized carrying bag.

Start your Kendama journey today with the Grasshopper Kendama!

The Grasshopper Mini Kendama Features:

  • Affordable and easy to play
  • Unique shorter design to fit smaller hands
  • Built like a tank and made of Beech wood
  • Available all natural, or with a red painted ball
  • Includes carrying bag
  • The best Kendama for new young players to learn cup catches and cup flow
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