JET Shape Natty Beech

Hersteller: Kendama USA
Maplewood Natty
Verfügbarkeit: 2 auf Lager
29.00 CHF
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There is a unique satisfaction when you play a natty Kendama. This minimalist setup allows the natural grain and beauty of each wood species to shine. Experience the Jet shape in four different wood options; Beech, Maple, Ash, & Bamboo! You can also build your own setup by choosing your own ken & tama


  • Superior Jet Shape Ken
  • High-Quality Maple
  • Strung with Extra-Long String & Bearing for better juggles.
  • Large Cups for Easy Catches
  • Improved Cup Rims to Lock-in Stall Tricks
  • Increased Ken and Tama Size (62mm)
  • Chiseled Slip Stop for Precision Stalls
  • Drilled base cup hole for perfect weight distribution.
  • Includes replacement string & restringing tool.
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